Make it Through the Night Gallery

Here is the entire collection of the project called Make it Thought the Night (and yes one of my all – time favourite songs). Now completed (hopefully) it comprises protective coverings, hangings, pillows and handkerchieves that I made whenever I could find the time or the impetus, circa 2010 – 2022.

1 Bolster: hand embroidered cotton thread on woven Ticking.
2 Security Blanket: mixed vintage Paisley Patterned fabrics with vitreous enamel.

3 Counterpane: vintage cotton bedspread with cotton/hair hand embroidery and darning patterns

4&5 (related dreams ) My Shoe Dream that morphed into And Then I woke Up Dream vintage cotton pillow cases with hand embroidered cottons

6 Comfort Blanket: hand woven cotton fabric Strippy quilt

7 Butterfly Dream: vintage cotton pillow case with cotton and silk hand embroidery

8 Ladder Dream: vintage cotton pillow case with silk and cotton hand embroidery

9-21 Patch Grief with Proverbs: comprise a collection of vintage handkerchiefs (below) that are embroidered with heart based mending mottoes or other sayings to read when needing some ….. reassurance .

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