Beading at Heart Space Studios

Free form Peyote stitch beaded bracelet incorporating hand made beads – Ilsa Fatt

Heart Space Studios has gone totally beaded – an exhibition was preceded by introductory beading classes is being followed by a beading Master Class, held by Ilsa Fatt, where students will make a magnificent glass beaded bracelet incorporating Ilsa’a hand made beads.

The beading classes have been run by popular demand from Heart Space followers, because so many people wanted the opportunity to attempt this project but felt they needed a short introduction to basic beading.

pots of multi-coloured glass beads ready for stringing

Ilsa showed everyone how to make a small square using peyote stitch, a simple and stable backing

assembling the beaded square using Peyote stitch

to enable you to start decorating it to your heart’s content

starting the decorations

Ilsa then demonstrated 3 separate beaded drop  formations and the students could experiment with  many types of different shapes and sizes of beads.

starting to develop the pendants

The finished  pieces can be made into brooches or pendants

So far so good, now the students can feel more confident about joining a master class as they will come prepared with the basics stitch with which to develop their own ideas from their personal practice  by using beads – and they will really appreciate the accompanying exhibition at Heart Space Studios which is displayed on my next post….

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