Made by Hand & Heart & Eye

Things are really moving on now at Heart Space Studios. This month we have split the whole of the front studio into an exhibition and retail space and above is the new logo I have designed for printing on the gift bags. I have adapted a small rubber stamp that Teresa Searle, one of the Studios’ tutors brought for me to play with – I added the eye.

I have been helping to set up the retail space, which will sell all things textile; to begin with we will sell stuff made by the makers who work with the studios and other things that feature textile or hands, hearts and eyes imagery. I made more of the paper lanterns to sell as lots of people had asked the price when they saw the original over the dining table. I had left the exhibition space entirely to Jan Connett and Lisa Keating to place their corsets in; each makes corsets for completely different reasons so I had imagined a compare and contrast effect.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I walked in on Friday morning and this whole space was now filled with an amazing array of corsets.

I had not thought that the individual pieces would work so well together. They had made a show from mounting the individual corsets onto quirky stands and the major colours were cream and black and red. Lisa’s traditional corsets made with silk and lace and net were the perfect partner for Jan’s barbed wire and metal and leathers.

the whole exhibition though small was very inspiring, it really was put together to show the ways oin which the different tutors’ translated similar ideas, and to advertise the courses that both women are hold later in the Month

Meanwhile on the other side of the room the retail space was taking shape….

a selection of my enamel heart stone badges and brooches all together in the large show case….

and then in the dresser  there is a blue and white theme….

this features lace impressed cups by Hanne Rysgaard

and on the old round table more and more hearts…..

I know that many people feel that all these textile pieces won’t work together – you can’t mix art with craft, gallery with shop, colour with monotone.. I have always thought this a nonsense when it comes to the wealth of textile treatments and qualities, let’s embrace the difference, the vitality and the fact that the same person who makes a silk embroidery of a mended and broken heart can delight in making a ribbon flowered box and  woman who makes a barbed wire corset to set out her arguments about control and pain can put together charming cards featuring stitched fruit and flowers – all to be seen and Sold at Heart Space Studios.

4 thoughts on “Made by Hand & Heart & Eye

  1. Hi Janet,

    Just reading about your HSS makes me green with envy – so many talents, the air is heavy with creativity πŸ™‚
    And I like your words about arts vs crafts, totally agree with you in this. You go, girl(s)!

  2. Hi Bozena,
    so glad you like what is going on here but you have a successful business selling your work on line as well so no need for envy and recently I am tempted to work in my studio and just make gifts for the shop… but there are too many other things to attend to getting the whole business to work.

    Several times I have been advised to split my different types of work into seperate named sections as the whole lot confuses people as to what I actually do – well I do what I am asked to do if I am freelancing or to commissison – hence the wide range of ideas an activities. For my own work I develop it from a personal point of view depending how I feel, but the personal work fuels the commercial work – people paying for your expertise don’t expect to pay for your research time, and research can take years to assimilate can’t it?

    So the older I get the more I feel everyone has to take the whole package and sift out what they can from it – or not; this is why blogging is such a brilliant tool for information and getting the work out there.


  3. Janet,

    Don’t be afraid of my jealousity – it’s just about the creative fluids in the air of your heart space. And the business part hurts wherever it is πŸ™‚


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