Dream Shoes

Just a very short post to say Da! Da! I have eventually finished my second pillow of dreams, the Shoes dream….and I have written another piece to accompany the recent post Slow Progress where I discussed the doubts and frustrations of making slow hand crafted work. At last it can be now be viewed in my pages for ‘Make It Through the Night’  as a the last section of  Ongoing Work which is found directly underneath the header image – which is an embroidered dream flower detail of another pillow from the same series

If you have not viewed this section it is set out in reverse order  so that you read/view my ideas as they unfold; this way you can follow the development of a personal set of work – with all its trials and frustrations over the months, and from this month the past year (I started this work in December 2009) so this section appears at the very end of the whole page and you will have to scroll down to it …. but anyone interested in the way someone’s mind works while working slowly through a whole series of interconnected and complex ideas which somehow are supposed to form a cohesive narrative or in this instance make for a comprehensive gallery exhibition, should find it of interest.

7 thoughts on “Dream Shoes

    1. hi Bozena, thank you so for my prize mention – I have just spent an hour looking at all the leads on your site – an hour well spent and I recommend it to others. Janet

      ps – I am not sure about if I am eligible for a prize- although I get hundreds of hits per week for my site I have only 2 regular followers and you are one of them!

      1. well yes – there are no regular people who have signed up just you and another embroiderer – Susie Vickery – to whom I am eternally grateful – but I never win prizes now and am very happy on such a wet and sorry day here to receive one!!
        Apparently in England this is the worse day of the year – 2 weeks into the new year and the weather is truly miserable…but I have a prize so break open the champagne – well the pink fizzy!

    1. well – you now know you can certainly draw – it’s official – it’s been published – so no ‘don’t like drawing’ nonsense – you were a very committed student yesterday and I have the results for everyone to see.

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