Put Out More Flags

red white and blue

The weekend of the Queen’s diamond jubilee here in England has  brought out the bunting and as this is a textile blog – let’s celebrate….

strings of the union flag bunting along the main road to work

On the way to Bristol to work at Heart Space Studios, I kept stopping the car to take pictures of the patriotic red white and blue bunting strung out in front gardens,  – the local neighbourhood streets  had tastefully dressed windows

window dressing in Bristol

Families had decorated their homes for this one weekend….

vintage style bunting

even scaffolding got the a dressing of flags

decorated scaffolding in Westbury Park

and while waiting for the wisteria to bloom,  bring out the bunting …

wisteria vine with bunting

The shops really got into the spirit

a charity shop window in Clifton
reflected awning with bunting galore in a local cafe and craft shop
knitted bunting in a vintage clothes shop

But for really proper patriotism go for the Union Flag – this vintage flag is in the window of my favourite vintage clothes shop Clifton Vintage Boutique.

vintage union flag

and my favourite red white and blue bunting was in the window of a clothes shop in Clifton village it is authentic stitched and appliqued cotton i am very jealous that I didn’t think to make up some like this for Heart Space.

union flag bunting in cotton patchwork – the real thing

All very tasteful… but back in the  Somerset town of Portishead, where I live, the bunting is full – on and fabulous – all ready for a street party

Portishead garden with bunting

Almost every house and garden in the centre of the town is dressed for the celebrations

Portishead town garden..

and one more just to show you how colour co-ordinated we are here, the perfectly matching red roses of England

red roses & bunting line

and how’s this for real patriotism? bunting with toning red white and blue washing.

ebunting and mix & match washing line

One thought on “Put Out More Flags

  1. Hi Janet, just found your blog and the picture of me and my flower broach at UWE when Bob came to visit. Thankyou for the comment about my love affair with enamel, it is true and my MA show, (the private view on June 8 at Bower Ashton 6-9pm) is full of enamel.
    I really enjoyed your exhibit at Museum in the Park, Stroud.
    Sue Brown

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