Ribbon Flower Corset for Vintage Weddings

hand drawn poster for new classes

It takes a lot of lovely textiles to make a good wedding! Think about it ….. the dress – obviously, the veil, the bridesmaids’ frocks ( it’s rare to see a good bridesmaid’s frock – Pippa Middleton’s proved the rule)!  But there are also the garters, the waistcoats, the ties or cravats, the suits, then the the napiery, and the flowers -so think silk ribbons…..

hand embroidered silk flowers

Well yes of course you thought I meant the bouquet and I do, eventually; but just for now I have embroidered some silk flowers onto a cupped corset for a wedding gown that has made  me realise that we can develop all kinds of different products perfect for sumptuous weddings and everlasting memories, not forgetting the Hen Party.

ribbon embroidered bridal corset with Catherine Keating, Lisa's youngest daughter, peeking out

I have been working with Lisa Keating, who conducts out very popular corset making courses, and together we have invented new designs for the ultimate romantic wedding that you can make yourself at Heart Space Studios– or maybe send someone else to make it for you. The ribbon embroidered wedding corset and skirt are made to measure – this is the ultimate in hand – made retro chic.

We showed the dress at the latest Vintage Wedding show held in Bristol last weekend.

back view of corset modelled at the Vintage Wedding Fair in Clifton Bristol

Heart Space tutors had made several accessories that we can teach people how to make in short classes ..small beaded hearts and hair accessories, buttonholes and party favours.

wedding gifts and favours made at Heart Space Studios: shoes by Lisa Keating

We feel that is is a good way for a Bride’s family and friends to get involved in making a bespoke wedding, and much of it can be made with recycled and vintage materials. Debbie Bird came up with a lovely idea for  making bouquets made from old love letters…well who writes those these days? But it will still work using a romantic novel or a book of love poetry – I recommend John Donne for the most unashamed  ideas on what it is like to be in love .

recycled paper bouquet using pages from a love story, by Debbie Bird

At the venue after I had set out the samples of what people can make with us with Heart Space, I took a good look around the rest of the stands, absolutely fascinating, so many really desirable things…starting with the cakes…..

Chocolate Delores makes chocolate look like fabrics

I was delighted to find the Chocolate Delores stand with wedding cakes that all looked like they were made from fabrics – and they were made from chocolate…how fabulous is that? those swirls of white chocolate just look like tulle and look at the sprigged rosebud pink print on the wrapped cake.

Other stands were more conventional using real lace, beads and silks, there were so many good ideas for textile jewellry that I wanted to get the makers to come and do workshops for us at Heart Space, some may come and teach with us in the future.

the Lilygrace stand with lovely romantic sentimental fabric jewellry

the Lilygrace stand was full of hand made fabrics beaded and embellished by the maker, Hazel Mathiot was actually stitching pieces at the fair. I particularly liked her very richly beaded wrist band, a case of  the “more is more”  school of design.

embroidered wrist band by Lilygrace

There were lots of lovely embroidered lace accessories throughout the whole show, mostly head dresses with embroidered lace stitched onto Alice bands, Bridezillas were particularly stunning

in fact their stand was mesmerizing so many lovely desirable things, really all this vintage wedding stuff brings out the hidden girly in everyone….

Bridezillas sumptuous stand at the fair

even me!

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