Open Studios

I have not been posting blogs for some weeks and above is the reason. I decided to do this open studio for North Somerset Arts Week early last year when life was less hectic i.e. before I opened Heart Space Studios. So for 2 weeks I have been playing catch up. In fact I am still so busy that I am writing this between meeting and greeting visitors on the second day of open studios event.

small section of enamelled sculptures in my spring garden for Arts Week

I have an enamelled garden in situ all year round but it needs bit of repositioning for the open days – so the first thing I had to attend to, well not me exactly – my niece Julie Dunn (who runs Trug, a garden design company) was happy to come and help me – she spent the whole of Easter tidying and replanting my winter ravaged garden into shape.

Julie hard at work in the ravaged garden

The other more major concern was that I had no new work to show for the Severn Sea Artists group – I had intended to make a series of enamelled panels of the coloured skies of the estuary – but time was running out – but I just had to get these made somehow.  So I set to work, first I made some simple striped embroideries to get me thinking about the colours again and from these flowed the enamels skies.

embroidered silk evening sky
embroidered silk dawn sky

I started work using the samples I had done but informed by the 8 or so silk embroideries I have made to date. Back in the enamel studio I assembled some large strips of copper and drilled them so they could be strung by 2 wires not exactly stitched but much quicker to make…..

strips of copper annealed ready to be enamelled with one I made earlier
working out the colour striations against an embroidery on the floor of the studio!

I decided to liven up the stitched areas with beads, this has made me rethink how I may make some larger pieces in future.

beading the wires to connect the panels

The finished pieces are small and irregular as I made them out of random off – cuts of copper I had left over from other projects. I had intended to show these in the garden but I decided to show all the other work with them including the early research drawings.

the finished enamel panels in the exhibition in my cleaned up enamel studio

meanwhile back in the garden the larger enamel panels are displayed, I would really like someone to commission me to make a sky on this scale…….

larger patchwork enamel panel and flowers
enamel pots of flowers and topiary

But the main part of my exhibition is inside my tiny conservatory

inside the enamelling studio/conservatory
view through my husbands exhibition into the enamel room

I am sharing the open week with my husband Stephen Jacobson who is showing his paintings of the estuary and we are members of a group of 7 artists who use the estuary as inspiration, called The Severn Sea Artists we have made a trail from one venue to another and I made textile banners to advertise us, I am hoping that they withstand the gales that are blowing down the estuary this week.

I have actually managed to sell an embroidered sky between the times I  have been writing this post this morning – way to go!

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