Ribbon Flower Brooches

ribbon flowered fabric design

I have recently been interviewed at Fairfield School in Bristol for possible inclusion in a programme for the BBC School service, where local news and events are recorded and made into broadcasts by pupils throughout the country. I was being interviewed by 4 teenagers who were asking me questions about Heart Space Studios and what we did there. I had taken samples of what we were making, a felt vessel and some beads that had been made at the workshop with Patricia Brownen one morning and then developed into jewellery by Sharne Lott in the afternoon.

beaded bracelet made in one day at Heart Space Studios.

I also took some old fabric designs of mine which I thought would make a good idea for a workshop. I had been reminded of them last week in the Sew Personal workshop ‘ stitching messages’  when I was teaching people how to stitch all kinds of  writing into fabric. One of the students found an old satin embroidered fabric in my stash and wanted to adorn her message with the woven roses.

sewing ribbon roses into written message


fabric stash at studios with a vintage embroidered rose material









I asked the pupils who were interviewing me which of the things they would like to make given the opportunity – market research – and they were intrigued by the fabric samples

my embroidered flower fabric samples
detail of applique flower fabric

I asked them what they would want to do with the finished embroidery and one said stitch it onto a t shirt, another  to make a hair slide out of it – or a brooch – That’s a  good idea I thought…so went back to the studios and made some brooch samples.

ribbon flowers cut out and backed ready for brooches

So a big thank you to the girls at Fairfield and their teacher Caroline Sutch who invited me to talk about the new studios and for giving me a really good idea for a new workshop at Heart Space.



5 thoughts on “Ribbon Flower Brooches

  1. Oh Janet, please, post more often. Everything you do is like a constant inspiration. Just looking at your flowers and reading about your ideas makes me go and create 🙂

  2. Hi Bozena, thank you so much for such a good thing to say – how I wish I had the time to post more often these days. now my new business, Heart Space, takes all my energy and time. I had to get up at 6.30 this morning in order to post this about the flowers (and I am not an early bird) before i started work for the day.

    I am also very busy giving papers at conferences and symposiums, in various parts of the country, about the Mending at the Museum project, which I need to do for my university fellowship.

    And I am trying to do a new set of work in textile and enamels about the skies over the estuary where I live….but am finding it hard to get the necessary time allotted to it….But i will try to maybe post little and more often.

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