Her Drawings

Whatever I make in whatever material or technique, it always starts and develops with drawings – I feel that drawing is my second language. This portfolio gives some idea of the range of different drawings in my practice; where relevant I have linked to posts that contain them.

Observational drawings

Usually drawn straight into my work books, sitting in front of whatever I am recording with coloured pencils and water paints to hand; some are taken from photographs. But all are made in consideration of how I will able to use them for future textiles. They are expensive to produce, either because of the of time they take and/or the distance travelled to observe the subjects.

The drawings above are from various projects over many years and are kept in in their own workbooks; they are usually pencil based, with pastels and coloured water washes

A range of pen and ink drawings, drawn in situ (and from 1 photograph) of the garden, house and its immediate surroundings at Portishead, Somerset, England. They were been drawn in the style of the French ‘Toiles de Jouey” for the Enamelled Garden, but never made it further than my sketch books -until now!

Design drawings

The following ‘design drawings’ are part of an ongoing process of generating ideas and developing them into specific outcomes, these can range from small scale hand embroideries to enamel and ceramics.

finished drawings & illustrations

Here is a range of published, exhibited (or not ) finished ‘drawings’ in various materials; they are from just a few of the publications and exhibitions I have worked on over many years

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