Kantha Stitched Skies

Kantha stitched detail of Spring Sky Morning

I live and work in a house directly overlooking the Severn Estuary. This work has been made from my ongoing colour notations of the sea, land and sky that I have drawn and photographed for the last 10 years.

The water, land and sky are constantly changing; slowly sifting days of greys, browns and blues, but sometimes the dawns and sunsets offer rapid and sensuous transitions of subtle colour, particularly when looking South West-wards.

The curious raised and rippled patterns that emerge in traditional Indian Kantha stitching, reminded me of the undulating patterns of sand, mud and the water. The following images are the translations of the many different images taken; some times several images will be amalgamated to form a composite sunset, sometimes one specific, never to be seen again sky will be faithfully drawn or photographed and stitched. The continuous lines of running stitch, spaced to flow like air currents, are single strands of silk thread applied to many layers of translucent silk fabrics, ripped and cut to form the elements of the seascapes.

Random Stitched Sky 1&2: 2010 ( approx 25x28cm)

Random Stitch Sky 3&4: 2010 ( approx 25x30cm)

Cloud in the Time of Covid

2 thoughts on “Kantha Stitched Skies

  1. Dear Janet Haigh,

    My name is Jenny Nordberg, I am a set and costume designer for performing arts.
    I am designing a contemporary dance piece in Stockholm, and I am working with a textile – and hand made crafts – women perspective in this concept and design.

    I am interested in your Kantha stitched skies – do you sell these wonderful works?
    If so, would you mind giving me your email address, or write me,

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,

    Jenny Nordberg

    1. Hi Jenny,
      just to say thank you so very much for thinking about my work to use for your own theatre productions, sorry I couldn’t be very helpful but it was good to have the contact.


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