Enamel Garden

4 thoughts on “Enamel Garden

  1. Love the Quercus leaves. Do you accept commissions? Need something smaller! Think it is fabulous!

    1. Hi Randal,
      Thank you for your comments on my Quercus Curtain – it is quite an old piece of work and I was really surprised when Hugh Ehrman chose these images for his latest catalogue.

      At present I am not enamelling for my large garden projects; this was a one- off piece designed for a garden exhibition some years ago. I have still got the curtain – well the pieces of it anyway. I had it hanging in my own garden but due to some very strong gusting winds – I live on the Bristol Channel – it started to come apart at the tied wires. I had knotted them together with several strands of copper wire and this just isn’t strong enough for the task. Several other pieces of tied enamels have lived happily in the garden for years now, but are protected by being placed against walls.

      However I do intend to re-make it using stronger wire, and yes I am interested in selling it – or even part of it re –strung as a smaller piece. I thought when I made it that just a single strand of leaves would be very elegant.

      So if you are still interested get back to me on the email on the About page.

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