Drawings Just Drawing

Finally here is a set of drawings that have lain in a research book for more than 10 years, the reason that I did them was in a university research project workshop – making our own brushes with the amazingly inventive American maker Bob Ebendorf. I made several brushes out of grasses, leaves and branches, picked on my morning dog walk. None survived the drawing session shown below in any state to be used again.

But these are the drawings that I made and they are completely unlike any of my other drawings – ever. the colour is Red ink and the single pages measure roughly 26x36cms. There are other maker’s brushes used as well, and in some I have drawn the brush with itself, then taken it for a ride over the whole page. I still find them exhilarating and teasingly inspirational.

Left: Sea-heather brush and some small feather drawings, Right:3 feather brush on stick self portrait

Left: Hellebore stalk and Squirreltail Grass brush & Right: Grass self portrait.

Red Ink – double sketch book page Left: squirrel tail brush. Right: grain stalks brush self portrait.

Red Ink mark making double page: Left: metal jewellery chains brush. Right: racoon hair brushes
Left: pattern making, metal chains brush & copper wire brush. Right: different brushes together.
Red Ink and Long Human Hair brush over double page.